Safe and Ethical AI (SEA) Platform Network

The future of Artificial Intelligence is as vast and uncharted as the sea, requiring us humans to navigate forward with great care and caution. We hope the SEA Platform Network will empower AI to be safer and more ethical, enabling better governance of future AI just as humans harness the immense power of the sea. We also hope that a healthier future for AI will better connect and prosper civilizations around the world, unlocking more discoveries and innovations for humanity, in the same way that the sea has brought changes to our human civilization.

The sea nurtures life and connects the world, linking humans and other life on isolated islands into a community of shared future. Inspired by this understanding, the SEA Platform Network is dedicated to empowering a harmonious symbiosis between humans, non-humans, and potential new beings.

The sea is made up of drops of water, which "benefits all things without contention". On the one hand, the SEA Platform Network is committed to ensuring that AI is safe and ethical, hoping that other organizations and institutions will make full use of the SEA Platform Network to ensure that their AI systems and services are beneficial to humanity; on the other hand, the SEA Platform Network hopes to contribute to the realization of AI that has "the highest good like water" through long-term efforts, gathering water into a sea, in the hope that future AI will contribute to human and ecology with infinite goodness.